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Tessa The Saddler

Albion Genesis K2 Dressage Saddle - 17" Medium (295) Black TD135

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The K2 Genesis Dressage has been designed for those riders looking for an introductory ‘top quality’ dressage saddle, with feel and comfort. 

This saddle features the unique patented Genesis interchangeable saddle tree, allowing saddle fitters worldwide to interchange the tree fitting. 

Riders looking for a shallower seat with a supportive leg position that is not too straight, love the K2 Genesis Dressage. 

The standard knee rolls are small sized, soft and supportive and are fixed in one position under the flap.


Made in England

Smooth leather

Wool flocking

Large knee rolls

Deep seat

Round cantle

Point straps

Front gussets

If you would like to find out more about this saddle, please call Tessa on 07599 541374.