• Leo

    I get a lot of satisfaction in my job from meeting exciting young horses and finding them a saddle to help them reach their potential.

  • Pen

    Sometimes a 'home visit' to do a saddle adjustment is exactly that!

  • The Durdans

    I get to visit some amazing places on my travels like The Durdans in Epsom with it's incredible indoor school.

  • George

    I come across horses in all shapes and sizes, some more challenging to fit than others. George is a fit hunter with a large wither with a big drop from front to back of the saddle area. Fitted with an Albion Kontrol.

  • Peggy

    Peggy was a different challenge. With her 'tube shaped' body saddles naturally want to gravitate forwards and restrict her shoulders which, quite rightly, she objects to. Fitted with an Ideal Suzannah.

  • (Another) George

    George, with his extraordinary wither profile, has been diagnosed with kissing spines and would require a saddle with a large cut back head and very deep rear gussets in the panels.